Cheap Gas Finder: “mehr-tanken”

mehr-tanken helps to find the cheapest gas station in Germany. Prices are updated in real-time and are 99% correct. The app has been downloaded four million times. It has 90,000 reviews with a 4.5 star rating. The app is pre-installed on every Amazon Fire Phone that is sold in Germany.

Check it out on the Google Play Store: mehr-tanken

If you’re from outside Germany, open the right navigation drawer and use a zip code (e.g. 70195).

The app won the “Chip Top App” award in 2013 and has been features on major German TV show:

  • “Stern TV”, October 2013
  • “Galileo” (Pro7), August 2012
  • “WISO” (ZDF), August 2012
  • “Spiegel-TV”, April 2012
  • “Günther Jauch”, April 2012